Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Look around you. This is where the path of hatred has brought us.

Model: Sara S
Photographer, Stylist: Me

Part 1 of 4

Today my friend Sara came over for a last minute shoot and it was so much fun! We went down my street into this little bush walking area and it was so beautiful. The only problem about being surrounded by bush, is being surrounded by mosquitoes and grape sized horse flies! We were covered in there bites but it was definitely worth it. We even heard rustling of bushes right were we were standing and we both shat ourselves! Who knows what it was, maybe ducks, foxes, rabbits, possums, lizards, cats, toads.. and the list goes on. Then we went further down my street and found some beautiful locations! There was even a patch of daisy's in front of somebody's house but we took ever advantage we could, even though I'm 98% there was a person watching us from their house the entire time. I also love how Sara came up with a few ides for photos! I absolutely love it when a model interacts with a photographer and offers her ideas as well to make the shoot even better. But Sara was such a beautiful model and I actually have a huge project planned with her, so keep your eye's peeled within the next month or two (:


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