Monday, January 30, 2012

"I would give anything to feel comfortable in my own skin."

  "I would give anything to feel comfortable in my own skin."

Hey guys, so I have been super busy - well not 'busy' but I have been going out a lot (I decided as another one of my new years resolutions that I would be more social and go out and talk to people instead of being overly shy towards everyone and being awkward and just blehh) so I haven't really been following my other new years resolution which is to do a shoot once a week. The weather had just been horrible. Rain for 3 weeks straight now and I have had ZERO inspiration. Though I did manage to get 30mins of sun this afternoon and I'll post the photos from today in my next post!
The first photo was inspired by Alex Beadon (click here to check out her photo) and because the weather has been so horrible I thought I would give it ago and see how well it turned out. I must admit, I'm not a fan of black and white photos but it really goes well with this concept. Alex did an amazing job on hers. She's truly an inspiration!
Anyway, because I am coming to the end of my 365 day project (up to {341/365} so only 24 more days! wow) I am going to try and push myself and be as creative as possible and have a different concept every day! Fingers crossed I succeed!


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